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Congratulations TSF riders on a very successful summer of horse showing!

posted August 28, 2010

After a very successful spring season of showing, culminating in May at the St. Clement’s Horse Show, our riders continued to impress all summer long!

The group on the road!

The group on the road!



We kicked off the summer season in June at HITS Saugerties where everyone had a great time and brought home lots of ribbons!

Marissa Cascio and Luna moved up to the Children’s Large Pony Hunter Division for the first time and did so with great success, also taking home ribbons from the M&S Pony Medal and Large Pony Equitation.

Madeline Berg and Maggie competed in the Children’s Sm/Med Pony Hunter Division and the Small Pony Eq and had beautiful trips all weekend…along with receiving some great ribbons!

Caroline Passarelli and Pearl competed in the Small Pony Hunter Division where they pinned in nearly every class..including a 2nd in the first round of the classic with a score of 82!

McCready Kearney brought Rosita along and competed in his first ever rated horse show! McCready showed in the Advanced Beginner Division as well as the Short Stirrup. McCready received a 4th on the flat in the Short Stirrup out of nearly 20 riders and was champion in the Advanced Beginner division. Way to go!

Tallulah Kassel and her new partner Friday competed in the Pre-Children’s Hunter Division and the Maiden Equitation. Tallulah had very consistent trips and pinned in nearly every class! What a great pair you two are!

In early August we made our way back to HITS as a last-minute prep for our week-long stay in Vermont at the Manchester Horse Show. The following riders came along to HITS:

Jennifer Quigley and Cole

Emily McGettrick and Sheba

Marissa Cascio and Luna

Caroline Passarelli and Pearl

Eleanor Neil and Teddy

We spent August 11-15th at the Vermont Summer Festival in Manchester, VT. The following riders came along for the week and did a truly impressive job!

Eleanor Neiland Teddy competed in the Large Children’s Pony Hunters and the Maiden Equitation. Eleanor and Teddy pinned in nearly every class, receiving a 2nd in the equitation o/f and a 4th o/f in the children’s pony division. We love watching you guys come’re a great pair!

Elizabeth Finkle and Jezze also competed in the Large Children’s Pony Hunters andMaiden Equitation…also doing an exceptional job! Elizabethgot a ribbon in almost every class..including a 3rd place in a very large hack! Elizabeth and Jezze have had a great summer season together and they continue to get better every day!

Katie Brentmeyer and Mo came along and competed in the Children’s Small/Medium Pony Hunters and 11 & under eq. This was Katie’s first ever away horse show with us and to top it off…it was “AA” rated! However, Katie pulled it off like a seasoned competitor and put in consistent and solid trips..winning a 2nd place in the competitive children’s pony division! Along with her 2nd place, Katie pinned in nearly every class and had a great time at her first horse show with us! Welcome aboard, Katie!

Jennifer Quigley and her horse Cole had one of their most successful and consistent shows to date! Jennifer and Cole competed in the 2’6 hunter and equitation divisions, where she won both a hack and an equitation u/s..along with a 2nd place in the modified children’s hunter hack! Way to go, Jennifer! You and Cole have come so far together!

Marissa Cascio and Lunastarted off the week in the Pre-Green Pony Division, where she marched right in andjumped around without a problem..pinning 4th and 5th against some very fancy ponies! They ended the week in the maiden eq and the Children’s Large Pony Hunters…receiving some great ribbons and truly doing a great job showing this green pony the ropes! Great job!

Caroline Passarelli and Pearl competed in the Small Pony Hunters and had one of their most successful shows to date…receiving their highest scores yet in the pony hunter classic and ultimately winning the classic! Way to go!

Emily McGettrick brought Friday along, where she made the exciting move up to the 3 ft equitation division with great success! After a full year in the jumpers, watching Emily navigate the hunter and eq ring with Friday was truly a joy! Emily had some beautiful trips and received some well deserved ribbons in the modified children’s hunters earlier in the week out of a huge field of riders. Way to go Emily!

As always, TSF made the short trip over to the Dutchess County Fairgrounds where we brought along an always large group of riders, ponies and horses. Everyone did an amazing job and had an awesome time at this historical, local venue. Great Job everyone!


Isabella Ercolano & Tiffany, Maya Henkin & Mikey, Daisy Loeb & Jezze, Maple Loeb & Mo, Rowan VanWormer & Rosita

Olivia Charles & Rosita- walk/trot reserve champion!

Danielle DiLorenzo & Popcorn-great ribbons in their first 2′ horse show away!

Elizabeth Finkle & Jezze- reserve champion in the puddle jumpers and ribbons in the pony hunters!

Gabby Montanino & Mo- awesome ribbons in the 2′ pony hunters and eq!

Ryann Terwilliger & Popcorn- Champion in the low eq!

Amelia Coleman & Rosita- reserve champion in the short stirrup!

Caroline Passarelli & Mikey- 1st place in the pony pleasure!

Jacob Leach& Beamer- amazing ribbons all week in the 3′ hunters…including many wins and reserve champion and a 1st place in the Marshall and Sterling Children’s Hunter Classic!

Madeline Berg & Maggie- winner of the pony hunter perpetual trophy!

Sarah Rodriguez & Sandstone-winner of a pony well as many wonderful ribbons!

Laurie Cease & Bling- very successful return to showing in the adult eq! way to go!

Nicole Wiley & Cookie- awesome job in the puddle jumpers after a long break from the show ring…Cookie has really come so far! Great job, Nicole!

Cecilia Edwards & Bling- great job in the low hunters..these two really make a great pair!

Emily McGettrick & Sheba- winner in the 3′ jumpers..and reserve champion!! Awesome job!

Sarah Cotter & Stuart & Mo- great job with Stuart at his first show in the puddle jumpers and great ribbons in the pony hunters with Mo, including a 2nd place in a huge class!

Emma Witherwax & Punky- a job well done in the puddle jumpers…way to go!