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President’s Holiday Message

posted December 21, 2010

President’s Holiday Message


As 2010 draws to a close and I end my second holiday season as Board President of Southlands, it’s difficult to know where to begin. I’m happy for the accomplishments of this year and filled with optimism as we move into 2011.
Most recently, the 2010 Holiday Gala at The Rhinecliff was a wonderful evening of full of good friends, good cheer, and good food. Thank you to all who attended, contributed and organized to help make our event a success. Also thank you for your ideas about future Galas, which are already being woven into next year’s event! The evening raised over $10,000, which will be put to good use on the projects planned for 2011.

I would be remiss to not once again mention this year’s addition of the new executive director Allison King. It was a long haul to find the right executive director but well worth the effort. She has already made an impact by helping to retire some of our older, favorite horses to less demanding homes and replacing them with younger, fresher horse stock that is ready to train the next generation of riders! I look forward to working with her and with you in shaping the additional programs that she has in mind for the year.

For those that may have missed it, it was with great pride that I attended the ribbon cutting event for the new turnout shed at the “New Boarder” paddock. The ceremony closed the circle on last year’s challenge grant generously proposed by Burton Kassell. Once again thank you to Burton, those that contributed to reach the match limit and to those that helped to complete the process by procuring and installing the shed to protect the horses! Job well done by all!

So well done that Burton has challenged us again! The 2010 Kassell challenge is a 1:1 matching grant with a goal of raising $30,000 towards improvements of our rings.  The proposed improvements include construction of a larger ring with the dressage ring contained within. This will give the ring more usability for multiple lessons and general riding space. Please contribute what you can to help us meet the matching challenge.
I would also like to repeat my thanks to all of the members, particularly those who make time to volunteer in so many different ways. With your help I’m optimistic about the plans for Southlands in 2011.
Have a wonderful holiday season filled with horses and joy!

Debbie Beatrice
President the Southlands Foundation