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Southlands Welcomes the “Horse Master’s Program”!

posted November 17, 2011

The Southlands Foundation School of Horsemanship Presents the:

Horse Master’s Program

Through our unique “Horse Master’s” Program, students of all ages will acquire complete knowledge of the horse, from the ground up, through lectures and the practice of learned skills in horse care and stable management.

Staying true to Deborah Dows’ original mission statement, we are sure to bring up the soundest of horsemen, ones that can not only ride well, but also understand the true value of ground knowledge. It has been said that “for every hour spent in the saddle, two should be spent on the ground”.
Students of all ages will advance through six levels, starting at the most basic. Participants will receive framed certificates of achievement that will hang in the aisles of our barn for all to see as well as a special token of their respective level!

On December 3rd, we will invite riders who have been taking lessons at Southlands for at least 18 months to attend an evening of level clarification. This evening is not designed to teach new material, only to clarify where within our level spectrum you are with your horsemanship knowledge. This way we can customize the horse masters classes to what you need and want!
The evening will begin at 4:00 pm and wrap up at 6:00 pm. Refreshments will be served! $15 per level.

Please sign up on the bulletin board at TSF or email Sophia at to let her know you will be attending.