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Announcing Indoor Fund Raiser and August Repairs

posted August 8, 2012


As most of you know, we have had significant problems with the roof of the indoor arena. The roof is over 25 years old. Leaks have compromised the insulation, which has torn and is falling. Tactical roof repairs and plywood patches have helped, but only in some of the worst spots.

We will start a multi- phase effort to address key repairs on August 9, starting with replacement of the roof, and translucent side panels. The Foundation, and more specifically Deb Dows, are funding the repairs of the roof with some of the monies received from insurance proceeds from the fire that destroyed Deb’s home last October. If not for those monies, these repairs would be further delayed, as we cannot afford these repairs based on our operating budget.

Project duration:
August 9 – through early September, approximately one month. Please take this into account for lessons and riding, when rain may be a factor.
The indoor will not be available until work is complete. The outdoor rings will be our only options. We apologize for any inconvenience.

We will be launching a membership fund drive as the source or replacing the footing in the indoor. The footing, is the sand-like material that cushions the impact for the horses and riders. We have had great success with the footing material that we selected for the new outdoor ring, and would like to use a similar material. We will be announcing fund raising details in the coming days. Your support is key for us to make these changes. The indoor ring is crucial to providing riding space in inclement weather — especially in the fall, winter, and spring.

A project plan for the indoor and launch of the fund raiser are forthcoming.
Southlands Foundation, Board of the Directors