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Announcing the 2012 Fundraiser for the Indoor Ring

posted August 14, 2012

Announcing the 2012 Fundraiser for the Indoor ring

Our indoor ring is over 25 years old, and the years have caught up with it. Starting at the top — the leaks in the roof have compromised the insulation, which has torn and is falling. Tactical roof repairs and plywood patches have helped, but only in some of the worst spots. At the bottom, the footing, the cushioned sand material, has reached its limits.

As a not-for-profit, The Southlands Foundation, through the generosity of our founder Deb Dows, helps to supplement the cost of our educational mission. We have been grateful for the support from our members that has helped address improvements and repairs to the property that would have otherwise not been possible, or would have been delayed. A few of these improvements include the new outdoor shed, the indoor ring viewing area, fencing around the hunter ring, fans in the hay loft, appliances, and most recently, your support of the 2010 Kassell Challenge for the new outdoor ring.

The Board has approved the replacement of the roof using some of the insurance proceeds and funds from the fire that destroyed Deb’s home last fall.  

We are asking for your generosity to help us fund the replacement of the footing. 

Some of you may not realize how critical the footing is to the comfort and health of the horses, ponies, and consequently the riders. A good footing, the cushioned sand material, provides ample cushioning for horses as they jump, and as they spend the hours in our school and camp programs. A good footing also reduces dust, which when inhaled while riding in an enclosed ring can impact our riders and their horses. We have been very pleased with the Travelright footing for the new outdoor ring; it does not require watering, is a great surface for the horses, and is resilient under continued use.  We plan to use this for the indoor arena.

The cost of the new footing is $70,000 – a lot of money! However, with the support of the entire Board and several members, we have already reached $22,000.  We need our boarders, members, riders and supporters’ help to reach our goal and provide the much needed new footing. We hope for 100% participation. Each dollar gets us closer to our goal. We think our horses and you will enjoy the benefits of the new footing.

For those who donate $1000 or more, a brass stall plate with your name, dedication, or mention of a favorite horse will be mounted in the indoor. If you cannot give $1000, smaller amounts are important because it all adds up!  

The Southlands Foundation is a 501 (c)3 not for profit. Your donations are tax deductible.
How to donate:

  • Direct donation of cash, check or credit card
  • Pledge form (we ask that pledges be fulfilled by Sept 30, 2012)
    • (Special arrangements by request)

Donations or pledges can be made through the office by contacting Sophia or Allison

(845)-876-4862 (x100) or mailed to Southlands

As always, we thank you for your support;

Debbie Beatrice

President, The Southlands Foundation