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posted September 10, 2012


 Now that the unofficial end to summer has arrived, and the kids are heading back to school, I want to provide an update to our $70,000 fundraising effort for new indoor arena footing.

If you’ve been around Southlands in the past weeks, I’m sure many of you have seen that the work on the indoor arena is moving along rapidly – by the time you read this letter, our new roof is on, and the side panels and skylights to let in light are in place. All very exciting! The next step in the renovation is the installation of the new footing, probably the most important improvement to the ring. As discussed in the Fundraising announcement, we have decided on Travelright footing – not inexpensive, but extremely durable and very resilient under our heavy usage. Excellent footing is required for the safety of both horse and rider, and while we can’t promise it will make you an Olympian, we can promise that you and your equine partner will be more comfortable with much less dust, and much more cushioning underfoot.

I am very excited to announce, that as of September 7, we have surpassed the 50% mark, having received $41,700 in donations! 100% of the Board has committed to this effort, and we have had several donors elect the $1000 level who will receive recognition in a display.

This letter is to remind you that although we have had a great response so far, we need to hear from everybody – boarders, members, riders and supporters! Each and every dollar gets us closer to our goal, and we appreciate all levels of giving. We also want to remind you that you can make an immediate direct donation with cash, check or credit card, or you can make a pledge using the enclosed form. You can contact Sophia or Alison in the office to make your donation or mail in the enclosed form.

Southlands’ sincere thanks and appreciation go out to all who have pledged or donated so far, and we look forward to thanking the rest of you in the coming weeks!

 I look forward to sharing our “new” indoor with you before the end of the month.

 Debbie Beatrice

President, The Southlands Foundation

The Southlands Foundation is a 501(c)3 not for profit.