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Indoor Ring to Open Soon!

posted October 3, 2012


The Fall season is upon us and we are all anxious for the indoor project completion.  Peeking into the building you can see a lighter airy space.  The new roof with skylights is finished.  The new upper panels on the east and west sides add to the light.  In the next few days contractors will take down the plywood interior walls and begin construction on the new kickboard surround.  The old heaters will be removed to make way for new radiant heaters.  Six new glassless mirrors, properly framed and angled will replace the old mirrors.  The final step is removal of the remaining old footing and any construction debris, ground preparation for the new footing and then installation of 5 inches of Travel Right footing.  With a little luck the ring will be ready for all in approximately two weeks.

 The Travel Right Footing is the subject of our $70,000 fund raiser as most know.  So many of our members, friends and staff have donated or pledged and we now have a total of $58,000 toward the footing.  Sincere thanks to all participating thus far, your generosity is awe inspiring!   For those who have not had time to donate yet please consider joining in this effort at any monetary level comfortable for you. Let this be an effort that comes from the entire group of Southlands folks.  We will all be in that ring, breathing that dust free air and watching our horses float over the surface. And for our friends at a distance be pleased to know your contribution will benefit the health and well being of our wonderful school horses. We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating…”every dollar counts.”

See you in the indoor in a few weeks!

The Southlands Board