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LucyRachel Donohue


Lucy began riding at Southlands more than fifteen years ago. Her love for all things horses began as a very young child, getting her first taste aboard her mother’s horse and beginning lessons as soon as she could sit-up on her own. From the first time she stepped foot on the beautiful grounds of the foundation, Lucy knew Southlands was the place where she wanted to remain and she did just that! After graduating from Hampshire College in 2007, it was only natural for Lucy to return to Southlands as a full time trainer, pursuing a career at the very farm that instilled in her the love and desire to make horses a vital part of her life. Specializing in riders that are serious about competing, Lucy spends much of the year on the road traveling to top horse shows up and down the East Coast. Lucy spends the winter in Ocala, FL.

Lucy coached the 2014 Small Junior Hunter 15/under Horse of the Year and has helped students qualify for some of the most prestigious horse shows in the county , such as Devon, The Washington International Horse Show, the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Junior Hunter Finals, and so much more! Lucy’s students have been successful in everything from the short stirrup and pony hunters to the jumper ring, however, Lucy never forgets the main objective and reason she has remained in the sport and in the business to offer the incredible experience of horsemanship that has supplied her the strength and dedication to cope with many of the obstacles that one may face in life.


Allison King (Executive Director)


Allison became a Camp Director at the well respected Camp Catherine Capers (CCC) in Wells, VT after finishing college, where she headed the Horsemanship Program for 90 girls, ages 8-17 and 60 horses. She was involved in this program for 9 years, starting as a riding instructor and swim coach and finishing as Head of Hiring and Marketing. “I learned so much about myself and other people that working at CCC has truly shape the person I am today. This program has helped strengthen my values of caring, truth and integrity, The values of this program are ones I will cherish and take with me forever.”

After finishing with the camp program, a friend asked Allison to become a business partner and they built their own farm, “we were involved from the ground up…. from choosing the land to designing the buildings.” For 9 years we strived to build a program around classic training principles and focusing on Dressage and Showjumping. During this time Allison got “bitten by the dressage bug”, She has earned her Bronze and Silver medals through the National Dressage Federation, and gone through the USDF “L” judging program passing with distinction.

Allison truly loves teaching, when asked if she could only teach or only train which would she do, with out a doubt it would be teach…. “I truly LOVE the “Ah Ha moment! Whether it is nailing the rhythm of the posting trot for a beginner or controlling the balance of the canter for pirouettes, or a line of fences, that ah ha moment makes my day….” Allison is a lifelong learner, she figures that as long as she is learning she has knowledge to impart.


Pam Molyneux

SPF PamPam began riding at 7 and has continued to pursue her love of horses ever since. Pam grew up on Long Island where she learned to love fox hunting. She spent a good part of her first riding life doing just that and was lucky enough to get to hunt with Charlie Plumb (Mike Plumb’s father) with the Meadow Brook Hounds.

About 40 years ago, she and her husband, Ed, moved to Rhinebeck with the intent of continuing her riding. From the mid 1970’s until the late 1980’s she not only continued to ride, she was a hunting member of the Rombout Hunt. It was also at this time that she started Eventing. It was in pursuit of higher dressage scores while eventing that she became intrigued with dressage. She managed to train her old Eventer to second level as she started her second horse in training. With this second horse, she started her progression of dressage training under many clinicians. While Pam continued her dressage education, she spent about 15 years studying under Debbie Shin Bowman. Pam competed through 4th level and has continued to train ever since. She teaches beginners to intermediate in balanced seat and dressage from training up through second level.

Pam has been teaching for over 20 years at Southlands. In 2008, Pam started a modest dressage program at TSF which seems to be growing every year. She is also the manager of the Dressage Schooling Show Series that are held at Southlands.


Susan O’Hearn

Susan O’Hearn is a lifetime teacher and has spent most of her career working with all levels of riders.  Susan has had students qualify regionally and nationally for finals in both the hunter and equitation rings. Her students have successfully competed throughout the Northeast and the Southwest.  Some of her accomplishments include being head coach for Boston College and coaching sohtheir competitive equestrian team, having students compete successfully in National Finals and running her own business based company unrelated to horses.

Susan strongly believes that riding, training, and showing should be an enjoyable, educating and enriching experience for both horse and rider.  She strives to foster an environment based on open communication that promotes teamwork, learning, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.  Susan’s passion is to help all levels of rider to expand their love of riding and to work with you to identify reachable short and long term goals.  Susan will help you by creating a systematic formula in which you can successfully achieve those goals.

Susie Williams

susieSusie has been a part of the Southlands Foundation since she was 4 years old and knows more than anyone what a magical place it is; one that allows people and children to explore the limits of their potential through horseback riding. Watching the growth of individuals and helping them to expand their personal boundaries is what Susie looks forward to every day. Teaching people to understand that their relationships with a horse can be a metaphor for their life is how she has incorporated her education with her passion. Susie feels truly blessed to come to work each day.

Mrs. Dows was Susie’s mentor, teacher, and beloved friend for 40 years and it is Mrs. Dow’s vision that she shares with her students. Susie trained with Harry DeLeyre for 3 years at the Knox School for Girls as well as numerous highly regarded clinicians through out her many years of riding.

Susie has a B.A in Sociology and Secondary Education, as well as an M.A in Secondary Education (Social Sciences) and has worked at Southlands in some capacity for over 30 years.